Photography Annoyances

I entitle this Photography Annoyances because I sense this will be the first of many such “rants.” It’s not really a rant but an observation. Actually two.


Read any blog about photography and this word will eventually come out. As in “to give this photo more “pop” you need to do such and such. Well, I haven’t been able to define this pop quite yet nor do I think it’s very definable. Like trying to define Umph. Difficult but you know it when you see it. Put a little more Umph into it. You need more pop in this picture. It doesn’t pop like it should. Granted it’s a very minor annoyance as far as annoyances go. And Pet Peeve. Nope

Dial down

For those old enough to remember these things, if someone says to you to “engage the clutch” when driving, what do you do? Same with disengage. It’s the exact opposite of what you think it is. Most think engaging the clutch is stepping on the pedal. Wrong. It’s the opposite. So then, why not say, “step on the clutch”? It’s more useful and saves people like me from writing about it.

Same way with this dialing down the aperture. Just by reading that sentence I don’t know whether to make the hole bigger or smaller. I get that if I make the hoe larger it’s a smaller number, and making the hole smaller, it’s a larger number. But dialing down? I don’t know. Context doesn’t usually help because if someone’s examining a photo, then says to dial it down an F stop or two. Not a clue what to do. Not a clue.

So, there you have it. Not terrible in the grand scheme of things but nonetheless, worthy of a small post from someone who cares.


Excited and Nervous

I’m excited and nervous all in one over what will happen over the next several months. Let me explain. Those who know me know that I want out of what I’m doing now, government contracting. The work’s okay and the money is good but I’m very discouraged about the prospects. I just have to put up with so much red tape and bureaucracy. That would be the understatement of the year.

So I”m setting out to do things new. Something fresh and interesting. And of course that something should be able to pay. I’ve chosen photography because it’s something I’m enjoyed in the past and something I was pretty good at when I left 30 years ago.

But I”m back.

I’m back because I want to change, to improve, to make a difference. I think it’s what we all want deep down – to make a difference.

But I confess I’m nervous, mainly because of all the “what if” questions.

  • What if it fails?
  • What if I can’t even get one customer?
  • What if this economy goes south?
  • What if I’m not as good as I like to think?

Obviously I can’t cater to the What If questions but I can try to minimize them. In any of those questions, the response could easily be, “so what? It’s not the end of the world for any of them.

So I’ll be starting at the basics. I’ll be learning them inside and out, and will try to blog about those challenges. Join with me as I lay out a case and a path to be, as the tagline says, the best real estate photographer on the I70/270 corridor. Hopefully that will translate into a fair income along the way.

But the basics is where I”m starting.

Before I Get Started With the Real Blog

I don’t know, call it a mid-life crisis or perhaps it’s doing what I’ve always wanted to do but was afraid, but I’m “getting back into photography” after a thirty year hiatus. How foolish was that! I dropped out of this game shortly after graduating high school. Not sure why. Or maybe I had a thousand reasons. Even with the beginning of the digital age I should have stepped up and done some work, but I never really embraced it.

Until now. I don’t know what it was that did it for me but something just clicked. Or snapped. Still trying to decide which.

So now that i’m back into the fold, boy is there a lot to learn about the photography craft. The craft hasn’t changed over the year, and going digital has made things easier and quite expensive. But you can take thousands of pictures and not pay a dime to get them developed. And that’s what I think was the number one reason for me drafting away from Photography. Cost. And there’s a ton of irony in that, isn’t there? It’s cheaper to “develop” film these days but the cost to get into it hasn’t decreased at all.

So I have my camera: a Nikon d3100. Back when I was learning film photography Nikon was completely out of my price range. I had a Yashica TL Electro-X from Kmart I believe. Yeah, tells you a little about my cheapness then. Getting a decent low end camera from Kmart. I had a telephoto plus a primary lens. I took yearbook photos mainly. It was a fun “hobby,” and had considered a career of it before going into the Air Force.

Then life happened. Career, College, Family, and none of it with photography nearby. It’s a pity.

I’ll go more into my setup in subsequent posts but I’ve got to tell this before ending. So I purchased the camera about a week ago from Amazon (Focus Camera was the vendor). After I made my purchase, Amazon took me to another screen. You know how it is, they’re still trying to sell you on similar items and accessories. Lo and behold one of the items on that page was the Yashica TL-Electro-X. I mean, really, how many people in the world ever knew that camera existed and I had known it very well. Since I had just dropped a lot of money, I figured it couldn’t drop another $40 to buy it even though it was supposed to be in great condition.

I’m still wondering where that old camera went.